Where challenges become achievements and concepts become products

D2solar offers solutions for every stage

With expertise ranging from cells and materials to reliability and manufacturing, you can count on our technical know-how to deliver results. D2solar is the leader in specialty modules, offering due diligence and commercial acumen across a broad range of solar product portfolios. Our phased approach with gate reviews provides you with a strong technology foundation to avoid costly mistakes.
From Start to Finish
Design Validation
  • Product concepts / Design customization
  • Design tradeoffs (cost, performance, reliability)
  • Material selections
  • What materials have the best scratch resistance?
  • What is the typical lifetime of transparent polymers?
  • How much flexing can solar cells take?
  • Can I put solar on my car?
  • How many solar cells would I need to charge my iPad?
Engineering Validation
  • Process development
  • Performance verification
  • De-risk testing and development
  • What materials should be used for high efficiency cells?
  • How do I fix backsheet inflation?
  • How to get rid of bubbles?
  • How can I design a panel for salt water?
  • What’s important for extra-terrestrial applications?
Reliability Validation
  • Pre-qualification testing
  • Lifetime testing and prediction
  • Certification
  • How long should a panel survive damp heat exposure or HAST?
  • What’s the toughest test to pass IEC?
  • How do you test for edge seals?
  • What is the best way to determine the right warranty?
Manufacturing Validation
  • Pilot manufacture
  • Design qualification
  • Supply-chain development
  • How many modules do I need to validate manufacturability?
  • What are the biggest issues with scale-up?
  • What are the longest-lead items for solar panels?
  • What are the highest-cost components?
  • How do you set the product specs?
Product Release
  • In-house capacity up to 2MW
  • Made-in-America compliance
  • Product transfer/ Surveillance monitoring
  • What is the typical line size of a contract manufacturer?
  • What working capital will I need for production ramp?
  • How should I select a contract manufacturer?
  • What triggers a re-certification?